The Art of Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing yourself isn’t actually an art. Could it be best described as reaching an understanding that with time often comes personal growth? Is it accepting what once made you joyful or sad, hopeful or frighten no longer holds the same space in your life? This is not to suggest these are lost moments but perhaps just moments viewed through wiser or more experienced eyes?

Is it wanting to become the best parts of yourself? Is it a belief in what your past self said or did indeed was for a purpose? Is it knowing that the challenges or successes you experienced were for the sole purpose of preparing you for the person you are today or perhaps I should say the person you are for the moment?

– Be Part Of The Narrative Founder Brandon W.


Be Part Of The Narrative is a single grassroots attempt at stimulating an internal dialogue within men of all ages and cultural backgrounds for the purpose of encouraging self-reflection. The “be part of the narrative” goal is to encourage the importance of identifying who you are; for the purpose of developing healthier relationships and deeper connections with yourself and others.