For my “This Week,” the objective was for me to return to the gym. For 5 days, the goals was to arrive at my gym by 6:30am and workout. Results, I complete 2 out of 5 days this week. So I received a letter grade D. That’s not good. I think I know what is occurring. I have some good transitions that are occurring in my life at the moment.  One would think that would be motivation to want to continue improving all other parts of one’s life.

Change is difficult even good changes. It’s the unknowing that is worrisome. How can I improve this? I need to stop over thinking it and just adjust as things unfold. I’m going to continue this goal. I’m going to workout this weekend to make up for 2 of the three days I missed and that will bring my grade up to a B-. Why the minus you ask, I wouldn’t be a good student or teacher if I didn’t account for the latest of an assignment.


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