Welcome to the frontier. It’s up to you now. You have been taught all the lessons that you’ll need. If you missed any lessons, you’ll have to improvise your way through it. Your instincts are all you have to count on now.  So here is a tip, think of it as a parting gift.

Your instincts are directly connected to what your wants and needs are at any given moment. I have to warn you, It will become confusing.  You’ll soon realize your wants and needs are not always apparently clear.

Even on matters where your convictions are deeply rooted, you’ll soon learn many of those beliefs are intellectually based. Often times such beliefs are absent of one’s emotions and absent of feelings haven’t yet felt. So allow the unexpected to occur because that’s when things will become interesting.

As you read this post, the unexpected is occurring. You just haven’t experienced it yet because it hasn’t arrived at your doorstep but trust me it is coming. All the best and good luck.


Be Part Of The Narrative Contributor B.W. 

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