“This Week’s” goal was to meditate for 20 mins a day for 5 days. The objective was to disconnect from the world and allow my thoughts to become clear. I was unsuccessful with accomplishing this goal. There are a lot of great opportunities that are entering into my life and to be honest I have been completely distracted with adjusting my life to allow these opportunities to flourish.

Although, these opportunities are amazing I know now more than ever how important it will be for me to take time for myself. The only way I will able to be at my best, to bring my best to these opportunities is to give my mind and body the same amount of attention that I will bring to these opportunities. Although I didn’t meet the goal as it is written. Strangely, my awareness of not having the time to work on this goal helped me understand the need to make time to take care of myself. I believe that was the objective of seeking clarity.


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