Dear God, I’m uncertain of the trajectory you have me on now. I understand you have once again called a pond me. I understand it is your plan that creates the peaks and valleys throughout this path you have chosen for me. However, for the first time God, I don’t understand. God, I’m unable to see the direction I’m traveling in, and for the first time I feel completely lost.  It’s a strange sensation to be moving but still feel as though you are standing completely still.

I feel our relationship is based on honesty so I feel safe to say that I’m confused. I’m worried where this new path will lead me. It’s unsettling to say the least, considering I’m usually confident about the paths I walk. But lately God my instincts that has always guided me doesn’t seem to be adequate enough to give me the clarity that I need. Is this your plan God, to challenge me to survive outside my comfort zone without the use of my tools? For the next 5 days, I will meditate for 20 mins a day. I will disconnect from the world and allow for my thoughts to become clear.


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