So its several years after college, if you are lucky you have started your career and met the person of your dreams. If you were together long enough, by now you are talking about purchasing a home, having children, and getting married. Perhaps you have already merged your finances and discussed what you hope will be your retirement plan.

So its several years after college, you realize you hate your career or you are still waiting for the opportunity to start your career. In the mean time, you are working in a position just to support yourself. Perhaps you are single, causally dating or if you are lucky you have met someone special. Perhaps you are still leaving at home or in your first apartment because the ideal of purchasing a home isn’t a reality for you at this time. Perhaps you have children or still waiting for the right time.  The ideal of retirement perhaps is a scary thought because currently you are trying to stay above water.

So its several years after college, you are unemployed or just were laid off. You are single, dating, married, or divorced. You have children, with child, or still waiting to have children. You are living at home, or in your first apartment, or crashing on your friend’s sofa. The ideal of your future seems like a daunting task because an overdraft fee just took your last $10.00.

So its several years after college, you unexpectedly stumbled into a career that you never thought you would do but strangely you love it. Life feels like it has changed unexpectedly. You seem to be more at peace with yourself and love has once again entered your life but  this time it feels different and genuine. You can afford a few finer things in life however you choose to surround yourself only with the things that you need. Maybe you have children or maybe someone else’s children will become your own. Life feels good and your happier than you have ever been before. You learn that life has several meanings and this is your definition.


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