I started this blog because I wanted to learn more about me. I wanted to understand what formed my thoughts, what motivated my actions, and what guided my beliefs. I thought the best way to explore this would be to write journal entries.

What I have learned this far is what I’m ultimately attempting to understand are my habits. I have learned that my habits are those things that I do consistently, some are conscious however many I’m learning are unconscious.

Reading the journal entries I have submitted has allowed me the opportunity to go back months later and read what I have written. It’s interesting some entries can take me back to the very day I wrote the entry. However, many leave me wondering, “Wow, did I write that?” “Are those my words?” “Are those my thoughts?” “Okay, now that explains how I got to where I am today.”

It’s my hope that this blog will become a place where learned experiences are shared. So please join me by submitting your journal entries and become part of the narrative.


Be Part Of The Narrative Contributor B.W. 

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 A blog, an online magazine, a journal, examined further it becomes a project, an objective, a mission. Be Part Of The Narrative is a collection of men’s narrated experiences so come and be part of the narrative.

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