Age has allowed me to no longer be frightened by the confusions. I battled my demons and buried them so they rest peacefully and forgiven. I have mended all my wounds and I rested for many years until I recovered.

I had to reintroduced myself to what it meant to be happy. I learned that I must choose to be happy. I must choose to push all of the foolishness aside. I had to become my own hero.  I rescued myself when everyone left me.

Wait, I must be truthful, it is I who forced everyone to leave me. I’m the one that created the broken pieces. It was a long journey but the time spent healing undoubtedly was worth every moment.

Time as allowed me the opportunity to learn how to feel from within and express it freely.  A new person does not stand before you, just a wiser old man who learned from the troubling of a younger version of himself.


Be Part Of The Narrative Contributor B.W. 

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