Photograph by Roberto Vicro @vicroberto

Who Is The Owner Of My Thoughts?  Who Holds The Key To My Imagination? Who Governs How I Use My Voice?

The fear of the unknown is common and change by no stretch of the imagination is easy.  However, I often find myself wrestling with the need to create. I think about the potential of how one ideal if nurture properly can potentially grow beyond one’s imagination.  However, my urge to create is often stifled by the contemplations of what others may think. Who is the owner of my thoughts?  Who holds the key to my imagination? Who governs how I use my voice? These are the questions I ask myself to remind me of who I am and what are my intentions. My goal for “Be Part Of The Narrative” is to create a diversified collection of men’s narrated experiences. Diversification is the goal. Admittedly, I didn’t think this was going to be a difficult goal to achieve. I was wrong.

Be Part Of The Narrative Contributor B.W. 

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 A blog, an online magazine, a journal, examined further it becomes a project, an objective, a mission. Be Part Of The Narrative is a collection of men’s narrated experiences so come and be part of the narrative.

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