Photograph by Nate Bittinger

Obviously, this is only their perception, good or bad it sometimes makes you think. Damn, wait a minute is that really me? When it is positive, I wish I wholeheartedly felt all the good things others see in me. What’s strange is when I hear them speak, it is as if they are speaking about a complete stranger. Someone I one day hope to meet! When it is negative, I often think damn, If they only knew the words used to describe me doesn’t represent the person I am underneath.

American Male Contributor B.W. 

*the content featured  was not written nor represent the expressed views of the featured model or photographer.

Photograph by Nate Bittinger

Often described as a blog, an online magazine, a journal, when examined further the description changes and it becomes a project, an objective, a mission. American Male is one simple thing. It is a collection of different thoughts and experiences so come share yours and be part of the narrative.

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